I’m just another reader, rather like you, curled up in bed with a book or two.

Illustration by: Peter James Field Represented by: Agency Rush

Find portraits of many of the poets featured in this blog on my Pinterest board.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear fellow Blogger,

    As my WordPress blog is fairly new, I was quite excited to receive a nomination for this the Addictive Blog Award.
    It is a genuine compliment from a fellow writer, and I was glad to receive it. I guess it’s mainly a bit of fun, but a little research reveals that there are understandable reasons why not every blogger will be pleased to accept the honour, and the work it involves. So, I ask you to believe me when I am telling you via this message that I am giving you a nomination on my site (in a post released tomorrow, October 16th) because your blog has given me pleasure and/or mental stimulation of some kind.
    There is no obligation to accept the award, so you may choose to refuse it, or proudly display it on your site, as I have!

    Best wishes and good Blogging!

    JPF Goodman (John)

  2. Thanks for thinking of me, John. It’s great to be read and I shall be looking at the blogs of the other people you have nominated too. Best, John.

  3. David Hynes said:

    Dear John,
    My name is David Hynes. I live in Manchester, and I have a First World War poetry collection, This Thing of Memory, coming out on 11th November this year.

    I would be very much grateful if you might read/review the collection or post it on the blog. My anthology examines the nature of our centenary commemoration and asks what the First World War still means to people living today.

    If you would like a free review copy let me know and i can send one out.

    Many thanks
    David Hynes

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