I’m just another reader, rather like you, curled up in bed with a book or two.

Illustration by: Peter James Field Represented by: Agency Rush

Find portraits of many of the poets featured in this blog on my Pinterest board.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear fellow Blogger,

    As my WordPress blog is fairly new, I was quite excited to receive a nomination for this the Addictive Blog Award.
    It is a genuine compliment from a fellow writer, and I was glad to receive it. I guess it’s mainly a bit of fun, but a little research reveals that there are understandable reasons why not every blogger will be pleased to accept the honour, and the work it involves. So, I ask you to believe me when I am telling you via this message that I am giving you a nomination on my site (in a post released tomorrow, October 16th) because your blog has given me pleasure and/or mental stimulation of some kind.
    There is no obligation to accept the award, so you may choose to refuse it, or proudly display it on your site, as I have!

    Best wishes and good Blogging!

    JPF Goodman (John)

  2. Thanks for thinking of me, John. It’s great to be read and I shall be looking at the blogs of the other people you have nominated too. Best, John.

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